Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Woodstock with really, really good food.....

Last Sunday (8-17) in Greenfield, the Free Harvest Supper drew a crowd of over 700 people with 45 farmers and producers donating everything from kombucha to tomatoes to cheese to corn to ice cream to turkey. People were urged to bring their own place settings, got to know their neighbors, had some gourmet local food and some exhibited symptoms of being high on life. Although Joe Cocker was not in their number, performance artists including an electric banjo player and hoola hoop dancer entertained a mellow crowd. Behind-the-scenes organizer, Juanita Nelson, peace activist and original visionary for the Harvest Supper says, "the big idea is people eat local food at the festival and do likewise when they go home."   

Although there was a bit of tension during the planning stages when it was revealed that potatoes, beans and tomatoes were in short supply due to the rainy summer. A miracle of the loaves and turkey took place when people ponied up with more of everything to fill in the gaps. Under the dinner tent were platters turkey and peach salad, heirloom tomato slices, wheatberry salad with tiny blueberries and local bread.  While Juanita (who lives off the grid) is very happy with the success of this year's festival, she wonders why more citizens don't tear up their lawns and grow some food instead. Why indeed?