Thursday, September 24, 2009

Beyond Tater Tots

Dan Fitzgerald (pictured left, in front of the Council for the Aging) is the greenest guy Holyoke. A retired professor at HCC, he historian delivers fresh veggies to a man who can't leave the house. "He just waits and when I drop the stuff off, sometimes I cook it," says Dan sotto voce. "He is not so used to the collards.....more of a kielbasa guy."

For the last decade or more, Dan has been riding his bike both around town to the school and now all over the place. The latest in his life and over at the Council, is that a weekly delivery of leafy greens and carrots straight from the earth, will be screeching to a halt very soon. Not because of a killer frost but because of a killer state economy which has been cutting funding for the program for the last several years. Dan and many other seniors are benefiting from food delivered fresh on a weekly basis by area find out what this means to the people behind the program, CISA (Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture) and the folks who are benefiting from having a farm share right where they live....Read "Beyond Tater Tots" in this week's Valley Advocate