Monday, November 2, 2009

It's What's For Dinner

Inventory for winter with housemate includes 24 jars tomato sauce, 12 jars peaches (some strange looking) bag onions, bag potatoes, squash, frozen goat meat, wheat (Hadley) for bread, cornmeal (Hadley), also for bread, apples in basement, (not that you can't get them all winter....), membership in the 'garlic of the month club,' membership in co-op, frozen blueberries but not enough, and frozen beans plus eggs from the boyfriend of housemate.

Believe it or not, that will keep us going. I know, I tried it last year with a lot less.

The Store-Free Life.

We only go to the store now for paper stuff, olive oil, booze, coffee and batteries. This here, the homey scene pictured above with actual steam coming off of the bread, is dinner. So the j-chokes on left will become "Jerusalem Artichokes Roasted in Garlic with Thyme and Cranberry Vinegar," and the turban squash will be "Autumn Root Cream of Turban Soup" and the pear will go with curly red lettuce from the Farmers' Market, goat cheese feta and some nice fat sprouts somebody gave me will be, Fall Field Salad au Poive." For desert, the apple will be served in the form of "Baked Orchard Apple Collapsed with Chestnut Filling."

Recipe of the Week: Baked Orchard Apple Collapsed

Apples, as many as you have people for dinner, cored out. Fill with chopped chestnuts (Amherst or Ashfield), butter, thyme, just a sprig, and grade b. maple syrup. Bake at 372 until they collapse, around 55 minutes. Enjoy with vanilla ice cream or fresh raw milk ricotta.