Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bean Farm: Broccoli or Boys Soccer? Farm 2 Fork Radio Tonight

The fate of the Bean Farm,
a 61-acre hunk of land in the middle of Northampton hangs in balance as we speak. Tonight on Farm 2 Fork Radio we will be speaking with Wayne Fieden, Director of the Office of Planning and Development.

Should the city buy the land?  Will we, as citizens, become a collection of farmers or will the land be used for athletic fields. If we become farmers, is the soil any good? If the land goes to athletic fields, is Northampton High School on board? Or should the city let the land go to developers? How much does 61 acres of prime real estate in one of the priciest communities in western Mass cost anyways?

Tune in tonight at 6:30 to find out. Farm 2 Fork airs on Valley Free Radio. Streaming is available at the station's website. For information about tonight's other guests, go to Farm 2 Fork radio website.