Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tonight on Farm 2 Fork Radio: Wild, wild western Mass.

Marlene Morin, horse woman and attorney has been riding on the Bean Farm for years and is well acquainted with the land. She will weigh in on the controversy surrounding the city's intent to purchase of the land and review her interpretation of the Conservation Preservation Act.

Molly Merritt, a employee and  co-owner of Valley Green Feast will be on the show to discuss the company's winter offerings (instant holiday meal of local foods, in a pretty basket) and the mechanics behind the worker-owned enterprise.

Hunter and culinary maestro Myron Becker will reveal his inspiration behind a widely distributed line of Asian and Wild Game sauces. It started when he was stationed in Yokohama Japan and his culinary education continued during visits to Nam, and ports in the Pacific Rim and South America. Now the results of his wanderings are consumed by Amherst College Students, people eating fast food in cars and wild game aficionados.

Tonight, on Farm 2 Fork. 6:30 p.m. to 7:30, streaming at Valley Free Radio. 

Photo of Marlboro Man appropriated from appropriation artist Richard Prince