Monday, November 23, 2009

Spelt snacks & bread, wood fired and true

Tell your Uncle Lew that he looks great in plaid and offer hard cider, the new wine, to all. West County is from Colrain, nice and sold in most area liquor stores like liquors 44 and ryan and casey. Spelt crackers (left) are the perfect foil for cheerful cheeses brought by guests.
The kids over at Hungry Ghost in Northampton are also firing up sourdough rounds in their stove. Bread made with Wally's wheat from Hadley is good for sopping up gravy and this year's cranberry entry.
Last year it was cranberry sauce in a jello mold shaped like a human brain. The year before, jalapeno and tequila cranberry jelly. This year, cranberry will be in the manner of the pilgrims. This recipe is from an open hearth cooking demonstration at Old Deerfield: Wash and stew your cranberries in water; add almost their weight in clean sugar, just before you take them from the fire.

Fresh bread baked in a wood fired, hand made beehive oven, and crackers with local grains available at Hungry Ghost in Northampton on State Street all day Wednesday.