Saturday, March 27, 2010

$10 Matzo Brei

NYC 3-25-10
3:52 p.m.
Fairway, 73rd and Broadway 

Man in aisle: Matzo Brie $10?
Woman in aisle:  Gluten free.
Man: But....?  
Woman: It says on the box, "Made with oats,"
Man: $10?
Woman: Look at this big box!
Man: No Jew pays $10 for matzo
Woman: Gluten free, oven baked...
Man: $10?
Woman: (takes one down from shelf and opens box) But look, they're round...!
Man: $10?
Woman: Passover is next week!
Man: Only my wife, not a Jew, would pay that much for matzo.
Woman: Ok, ok. (walks away)