Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jamie Oliver Takes On School Lunch Menu and Obesity in West Virginia

Finally, sort of a solution to one of the causes to childhood obesity, a local and national crisis due to processed foods and school food mediocrity. This British chef uses the media to kick some U.S. butt by exposing truck loads of fat and pizza for breakfast....view video. Considering the obstacles, both political and financial, it is a wonder that so much local food is being bought by area schools. Last year, 205 farms in the state sold food to Massachusetts schools according to Kelly Erwin, director of the Farm to School program in Amherst, MA. In a recent Hampshire Gazette story, Erwin, Senator Stan Rosenberg, Andrew Morehouse of the Food Bank and others weigh in on recent legislation to increase school spending on local food. For the entire story in the DAILY HAMPSHIRE GAZETTE, read on.