Monday, March 15, 2010

Why? Because We Need the Eggs!

Are 3 hens per household enough?

As interest in backyard chicken farming grows, so does concern at the civic level about how to maintain zoning restrictions. Recent stories in the Daily Hampshire Gazette reveal a debate about increasing the number of three hens per household for Northampton Residents.

Ever thought about joining the ranks of backyard chicken farmers. Hens make great pets, roosters need only to drop by every once in a while and eggs are free.

There is a lot of talk these about keeping chickens. Families from San Francisco to New York City and the rest of us are reaching back into time to figure out what our ancestors knew best: Grow Your Own.....

Organic eggs that are not mass produced, such as the kind from hens raised at Diemand Farm in Wendell, are better for you and the land. Less travel, more flavor and a better life for the hens. Since the film Food, Inc. revealed strange practices at large scale chicken processing plants, demand for local eggs is growing.

The Pioneer Valley Chicken Association of Western Mass offers group membership and lots of useful information offered by locals. Monthly workshops are offered at area farms.