Thursday, June 3, 2010

I break for asparagus, part 2

Construction is currently underway.......
to expand the produce section in the front of the store and Rt. 116 is being re-alligned to make room for that at the intersection where Bay Road meets the highway. "They've been talking about fixing that corner for 25 years," said owner Pauline Lannon who adds that there will be 2 roundabouts, one where the white barn used to be (across from Atkins) and one further down Bay Road. "It is our land on both sides of the road," she says in reference to Rt. 116. "We will be building out."

Atkins, once a humble garage full of apples for sale, has turned into something more over the past since its merger with a competing orchard across the street in 1970. The fruit stand opened in 1962 and in the 1800s, the Atkins family planted their first fruit trees in Amherst.

The first major upgrade was cider donuts. Now, the apple stand has blossomed into a store with not only a fish and meat counter but attractions. In summer, ice cream, in autumn, scarecrow contest, at Easter, an egg hunt and in summer they do a brisk business as farmers bring a steady supply of plants and veggies hot off the vine, due to the proximity of the store to local farms. At the end of June, they will be selling wine and beer near the gift section.

Expect to see asparagus through the middle of June before the tomatoes and corn, but right around the time beer and wine go on the shelves at Atkins.