Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Dance with Sorrel....

"I feel summer creeping in and I'm tired of this town again...."

If you find yourself feeling Tom Pettyish this time of year, check our a little, hard to find, wild green called sorrel. You can't just waltz into any store with a coupla bucks in your sweaty paw. Sorrel is hard to get.

Relatives, farmers and gardeners might be a source if they're growing it or have some wild. Friends in Florence have it in their garden. They make soup with it.  A delicate lemon flavor in a slightly creamy broth. So spring, so green, so full life the tender shoots plant happiness in body and mind. 

Sorrel has the consistency of spinach with a big wave of citrus, especially when mature, around 6" tall in the leaf. For future use, puree and freeze in ice cube trays. When you feel winter creeping in and you're tired of this town again, a hit of sorrel with pasta and you've got to put on that party dress.