Saturday, April 24, 2010

Event of the Week: Sunday in Pulaski Park with Goats

Earth Day....
Demonstrations on bicycle repair, clotheslines, cloth diapering, backyard chickens, composting and urban gardening as well as baby goats, trash-sorting games for kids and puppets....... 
This Sunday, 4/25 from 11 am to 4 pm in Pulaski Park, 
Northampton, MA

"BREAD CAN BE BLOWN AWAY......" Hannah D'Alessandro

"Bread," took first prize two weeks ago at the Hungry Ghost Annual Poetry Contest in Northampton, MA. When asked where she gets her inspiration for her poem, six-year-old Hanna said "It's just something I am working on at school..."  

Bread is like a flying saucer
When you cut it
And it falls to the ground.
Bread is adored by all creatures
Squirrels, moose, deer,
Crabs, mermaids, oysters,
Starfish, chipmunks.
But sometimes when your window is opened
And the wind is blowing
Bread can be blown away.
So tomorrow morning,
When you get breakfast,
Make sure your window is not
      --Hannah D’Alessandro