Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dark Side of Terrior

On Sunday, (today, 10-31-10) Emily Field will exhibit a mural at Green St. Cafe in Northampton. The restaurant and the young artist both have something to celebrate. Emily is making her debut as a up and coming iconoclast and the restaurant, no stranger to icon busting, will make a toast to twenty years on Green St.

After going mano a mano with Northampton's most sacred of cows, the boys who stand by their food are hanging in there, one pot o creme at a time.

The owners of Green St. Cafe have endured eviction notices, lost business and public outcry, due to squabbles with their landlord, Smith College. The restauranteurs and the academicians are pawing the ground at the moment, pausing before the next assault. For over five years it has been Old School French Food vs. a new Engineering Building for Smith's next generation of female engineers. Meanwhile students go about their business. They might stop in for a coffee or seabass with buerre blanc. Or they might not. They might decide to major in engineering or decide to farm.

Emily's mural, a futuristic depiction of the Valley from a middle earth perspective, is so powerful that portions of the plaster are peeling away from the wall from the heft of her vision. The work combines the wit and line of Ralph Steadman with liquid lyricism only the very young can achieve. Local food is more than root vegetables in Emily's world. It is skeletons, jelly fish, hoop houses, trucks and rocks painted in a palate devoid of the color, the kind of color that comes from plastic. The future isn't plastic anymore.

Artist Reception
Green St. Cafe
Green St., Northampton, MA
October 31, 2 pm to 4 pm