Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Friday I'm in Love: Lunch in the Valley

Two surfs and a turf.....nice lunch if you can get it.

Lobster Roll: No Mayo, No Hot Dog Roll, No Beach, the lobster roll at Green St. is a contrarian, like the restaurant’s owners, but in keeping with the very high standards that Jim and John have for the food. As everyone knows, fresh herbs (in most everything) is the sign of a good restaurant. This restaurant has chervil growing in the trunk of a vintage car out in back. Chervil, tarragon, basil, rosemary … all of that can be found in their food, even in the lobster roll where chervil mingles with crème fraiche and fresh lobster meat. Cooked right there. Not canned. Ask them if you don't believe it. Outdoor seating.

Hamburger: Walk over to Serio’s not far away from Green Street, across the street to Forbes and down to the light and then over to State Street where there are burgers on a grill out in front of the grocery store most Fridays. The smell alone is enough of a reason to eat lunch twice. Expect a synesthetic response....outdoor city pool and brown skin slathered with coconut oil. Fork over a fiver for a little memory of summer when SPF was just a spark in the eye of the kid next door with the chemistry set…the kid with no tan.

Fish n' Chips: Then there is the fish and chips over at Sole Proprietor on King St. across from what used to be the Honda place. Every Friday, Sole Proprietor fries up some fish and chips, hangs out a sign and the place is like a herring run.  Fish and chips, the second national past time,  are sold under the strict supervision of the owner. But....don't forget they don't take credit cards, only checks and cash and don’t even think about coming late or early. Business as usual. If you haven’t had fish and chips lately because of weird weight restrictions or pesky concerns about fat or salt or trying to save the cod or save the potato, give it up at least one Friday for this fish ‘n chips. Worth every deadly bite.