Friday, July 22, 2011

Recipe of the Week: EAT A PEACH

Recipe of the Week: Peach crisp

Bashista peaches from the orchard in Southampton were picked a bit early, the owner allowed. after ripening and a photo session, they were ready to eat. 

the best way to eat a peach is raw and the second best way to eat a peach is in a crisp, merely because if it isn't exactly as ripe as it might be, liquid spurting out of it so why not cook it with another fruit in season such as blueberries so the fruits can do a co-mingle in the heat under a nutty blanket of granola. Here is the recipe. Be sure to bake during dinner.

6 peaches
1 box blueberries
1 C. granola, your choice, the more local, the better, lots of people make it, you can too. This recipe is by Alton Brown and uses non-local ingredients such. Standby for the locavore version as soon as I can find some local oats, a substitute for raisins and get started next month when the chestnuts are in season.

Peel peaches, slice and toss into glass baking dish. Add blueberries. Top with granola. Cook at 380 for 45 min. Serve with local yogurt or some other creamy substance to offset the tartness of the berries. If that isn't sweet enough for you, dilute some honey with hot water and throw that in with the berries and Bob is your uncle.