Friday, August 19, 2011

Restaurant of the Week: Magpie

Evelyn Whitbeck-Poorbaught.... is on a tear.

This weekend, Magpie, her pizza place, will be inundated with the spillover of the 1000 or so of people who show up on the Green in Greenfield for Free Harvest Supper. But this is a good thing, for us, anyway.

Evelyn's pizza is sublime - cooked in a wood fired oven making for a flat, bubbly crust that takes the beauty of summer tomatoes one step further to nirvana.

A better thing, if it is possible, is that that self same pizza will be offered in the food line for free at Free Harvest Supper. The pizza shown above was served in Evelyn's restaurant on Bank Row as the Tuesday Night Special this week. It consisted of feta, artichoke hearts, red onion, sungold cherry tomatos and fennel. Need I say more?

This Sunday, August 21, at Free Harvest Supper, the Evelyn's pass-around-to-the-crowd pizza will be in keeping with the theme of the event. The crust will be baked from local wheat and it will be topped with local feta, crazy-fresh area tomatoes and basil, among other things.

Free Harvest Supper chefs create the meal with food that comes in a day or two before the event. All from the fields of area farms, all quite fresh and if I didn't mention it, left over from the harvest. Pizza handed out on Sunday between 5 and 7 will be featuring tomatoes and cheese but to see what else, better show up and don't forget a plate and utensils. This event is zero waste.

Magpie, if you happen over there on Sunday, is located across the green on Bank Row and will be open during Free Harvest Supper, thus Evelyn's tear. I do believe she will be ready though. Her background as a conspirator chef in Free Harvest Supper for years makes her event-ready for anything. The pizza menu at Magpie on Sunday will feature the special pictured above as well as house-made sausage and broccoli rabe, fennel, arugula and goat cheese and perrenials such as meatball and peperroni and mushroom.

Magpie has a nice wine and beer list as well as other things featuring local food besides pizza.

Magpie Restaurant
21 Bank Row
Greenfield MA

Restaurant Hours
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 4 to 9
Friday and Saturday 4 to 10