Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ryan Harb of UMass on Permaculture - Video Series

If you're like me, you woke up one morning and thought, "what the _____ is Permaculture?"

In the video above, the Permaculture Committee at UMass demonstrates "NO TILL" gardening on the former lawn of the Franklin Dining Commons. The 12,000 foot sustainable garden will require less resources and is more drought resistant than its more conventional relatives.

How to Permaculture:

Step 1 -  Maintain the micro organisms in the soil by loosening up the dirt with shovels.
Step 2 -  Lay 4" organic matter -- compost over the entire surface of the garden.
Step 3 - Cover with a layer of cardboard to prevent further grass growth.
Step 4 - Add layer of mulch in the form of grass clippings or hay.
Step 5 - Wait five months for micro-organism enhancement such as worm enhancement and then plant.