Friday, June 29, 2012


Why so soon this gift of summer?

According to the Sweet Corn Report in today's UMass Extension Vegetable Notes,  "The first early corn harvest, mostly in the Connecticut Valley not far from the river, has started this week. In many other parts of the state, first corn harvest is still 10-14 days away." Of the corn now available, "This mostly represents the early varieties that were started under plastic. Hand picked ears are full and sweet with nice color...." Asparagus was a month early this year and tomatoes are already up in at some farms. Many are taking the 'eat it while you can' approach which is sensible.

RECIPE: Early Corn 


6 ears of corn, preferably picked the day you eat it
1 stick of butter, or thereabouts
1 bunch basil, or thereabouts

Fresh corn from farm preferably picked that day.
Shuck enough corn for each person as per request
Fill stock put with enough water to submerge corn. Add salt to water and boil.
Plunge the corn in boil water and turn off heat.
Cook around 5 minutes.  The corn io quite young so it doesn't take much time for it to yield to heat.)
Melt enough butter for each ear, shred basil leaves and add to butter.
When corn is ready, drain and slather with basil butter.
Serve al fresco.