Thursday, July 25, 2013

Recipe: Politically Incorrect Chowder in Boise

Spuds to take a bullet for  ...
Morning in Boise
Coffee: Vacuum Pump Daily Special: Pink Titty Wake Up Juice

Afternoon in Boise
Store selling cigarettes and sandwiches with big electric sign out front: "If you have to habit, we have it!"

Evening in Boise
Liquor store big electric sign out front: "Livers are evil and must be destroyed." Then chowder that you would take a bullet for. Due to the spud.

Note to Self: When in Idaho order anything with potato especially chips and chowder with beer.

RECIPE: Chowder

All the usual suspects: Milk, cream, celery, clams, butter, bacon and most important, Idaho potato, cooked al dente. Sweat onion in bacon. Peel and cube potato, soak in water for one hour to remove starch and cook in chowder consisting of 1C clam juice 3 C water plus celery and onion for around 30 min depending. Remove bacon and serve in white bowl.