Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recipe: Butter

Any major chef will tell you, fat is where the flavor is...... 

Use butter as much as possible. Make it or buy if from Cabot (not so far away in Vermont and somewhat affordable if you buy it in block form, on sale.)

Butter Recipe

1 quart raw cream

1 t. salt 

To make butter from scratch purchase a

quart of raw cream 
from a good, clean dairy.

The next step is to agitate the cream. This can

be done shaking the cream in a mason jar
 or using a food

processor. (The jar method takes about 15

minutes. The blender or food processor

version takes 6 minutes.) When the fats have

coagulated, rinse with ice-cold water in a

bowl to separate the fat from remaining

liquids. Stir with wooden paddle and add

a half teaspoon of sea salt. Keep in a small dish in the

refrigerator covered with parchment paper.  

Slather on everything.