Wednesday, October 1, 2014

KALE: Super Food and Internal Scrubby

This winter kale comes from Brookfield Farm in Amherst where they keep storage vegetables in the basement for customers. Both purple and green varieties of kale can be picked in a field out in the middle of the snow.
Kale is tough and you can be too. Let’s say your going through a phase where you find yourself in the fleshpots every night eating canap├ęs and cupcakes. To break the cycle, eat some raw kale. Don’t even bother to juice it, just chew the leaves and wait for your strength to return. 
Grab a bunch of this super food (recently rescued from the ranks of garnish) whenever you can find it and make it part of your locavore larder. Kale is rich in nutrients, cheap to buy, thrives in cold temperature and acts as an ‘internal scrubby.’