Friday, April 10, 2015

Not at all Clueless in Colrain

Dear LocavoreLady

Hello! There is nothing to eat this time of year! I’m 16 and I'm interested in eating local. My mom says there’s nothing at the store that’s local because its not summer. Right? Or?

Clueless in Colrain

Hello young Locavore! Your mom might have a point if she’s shopping at normal grocery stores like, hello the Big Y or Big E or Stop and Shop. Other stores will sell you the food that is local AND in season all year long such as chicken, hello, local, mushrooms, right? local, cheese, local, yogurt, local AND actual greens, even now in the April when the ground is, let’s face it, barren.

Take sprouts for example. Sprouts are live food, so alive they get delivered to the store five days after they are planted. Sprouts can be bought year round. Sprouts can go in salads. Sprouts will make your body smile. Not far your home town of Colrain is the town of Gill where Gill Greenery is sprouting seeds for us all year long. Just the other day I picked up a package of Gill Greenery Broccoli sprouts at, Altas Farm Store in S. Deerfield. You can also find these fab sprouts at Atkins and all the food co-ops. The sprouts are grown hydroponically in local, purified well water, available 365 days a year. What? You say sprouts aren't really greens? Don't these babies look green to you?