Thursday, April 2, 2015

Dear LocavoreLady

Dear LocavoreLady,

Why local? Why not food from afar? I feel like I am going to spend more time and gas driving all over the place picking up food from farms and farm stores to get the stuff. Most local food isn’t sold at normal stores.

Signed, Normal Guy.

Dear Normal Guy,

Reason #A, local food tastes better because it grows here where we have some of the best soil in the state due to the geological make up of this region. Say the word “loam” to yourself and keep saying it. “Loam” means perfect soil. Perfect soil is an ideal combination of clay, silt and sand. Drive along Route 47 if you ever want to see loam in action. That’s where the river takes a turn and the soil is very, very rich in nutrients and loam. That soil makes for the tastiest food. 

Reason #2, local business needs your support. Just the words ‘box stores’ say it all. Who wants to eat stuff in a box? You want to eat food that is planted, cared for and harvested by loving hands that produce food without chemicals that could endanger life. Not only should the people with those loving hands be supported, they should be thanked. There isn’t a lot of profit margin in the farming business.  

Reason #C, most food travels an average of 2500 miles to get from the source to your plate. Why go all that way when most of that food is growing right here? Save fossil fuels and buy locally. Even better, ride your bike if you're up for it. But maybe not on the day when you have to buy lots and lots.