Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wait for the White

Dear LocavoreLady,

Is white asparagus a better choice than green? I'm having an all white party and am thinking of including white asparagus.  

Signed, White in Worthington  

Dear White in Worthington,

Plan far ahead for that party. White asparagus is a result of growing the plant under cover. It's a thing in Europe and The Netherlands and some consider white asparagus less bitter than green. Looking for white? You won't find it here. Grow your own. Asparagus plants take several years to come up. Put your plants in this year and expect to harvest in 2019. When that spring of 2019 rolls around, (if the weather behaves), keep an eye out for shoots. When they appear, cover with straw or dirt. By June, if you don't experience blight or some other plant related disaster, you may be the proud parent of white asparagus.