Monday, June 22, 2015

Wild Food Week One: SPRING ZING

Joined a wild food CSA. First shipment from Acorn Kitchen includes this: Spring Zing which clearly is a kimchi item.

We were at her stand at Thornes Market last Tuesday.  Carly gives me an armful of stinging nettles, a Black Locust Flower Cordial and a jar of Grape leaves. Among other things.

The Black Locust Flower Cordial "must be consumed this week as its fermenting" she urged and the grape leaves will be ready to eat in September according the yellow label.

The nettles stung and when Carly offered me more, I blanched. But once upon a time Carly fed me the most delicious bear neck I have ever eaten so I take what she gives me.

I get home. I tear open the Spring Zing not because I'm such a huge Kimchi fan, I can take or leave random fermented bits of veg, but because I had no other food at the time. I'm house sitting and plant watering for a buddhist. An ascetic diet of hemp hearts and tea prevails. So I hold the jar of wild food, this Spring Zing in my hand, and contemplate its contents:

LOCAL Cabbage, Carrots, Daikon, Tumeric, Ginger, Horseradish, Hot Peppers, WILD Leeks, Dandelion roots, Burdock Roots. Please Keep Refrigerated. 

Upon opening the jar, my mouth waters. Spring Zing somehow smells like the inside of an Italian sub shop. Upon tasting said Zing, my mouth smiles at the memory of my first "Italian." It was summer in Maine. Biddeford in a working class town near the water where lobster rolls and Italian subs full of thinly sliced peppers, onions and pepperoni, one or two pickles and olive oil and some red wine vinegar were on heavy rotation.

This plant based version of an Italian sub or "Italian" is the epitome of that food. Not sure if the WILD Leeks are the culprit or the Burdock Root or the preponderance of Hot Peppers and tumeric but Spring Zing satisfies like those subs used to.