Sunday, April 8, 2018

RECIPE: Krispy Kale Nest with Fried Egg

RECIPE: Dino Kale Sunnyside Up 

Winter kale is sweet when it grows in snow because it releases starch to stay warm. This recipe calls for a nest of crispy kale with a fried egg.

1. Grab some kale out of the snow or off the shelf at the store or off a dusty table at your deep winter storage CSA. 

2. Cut it up into ribbons, discarding the ribs. If it is at all possible, get what is called "Dino" kale - so named because of its wrinkled form. Take the ribbons of kale and drop them directly into a fry pan of almost, but not quite smoking oil. 

3. Remove after around a minute. The kale will be almost, but not quite, brown, yet nice and crispy. Blot to remove oil using a cloth (any old cloth, nothing special like the shroud of Turin) and salt lightly. Fry an egg and gently place it on top of the nest of kale.