Tuesday, September 13, 2016

RECIPE: Fallout Shelter Cornbread

Fallout Shelter Cornbread photo by Mary Nelen

RECIPE: Fallout shelter cornbread.

After many months and really years I’ve finally found the perfect recipe 

for cornbread. Got it from the Pioneer Woman. Not sure who she is but 
witha name like that, she has gotta know how to make cornbread the way
like it; in a skillet. The reason I’ve been laboring so is because
cornbread is a perfect vehicle for Pioneer Valley ingredients.

If you’re reading this I don’t have to tell you that heritage corn,
(non-GMO) corn is grown in Hadley. Its also milled in the Valley
and sold as flour. Yes, that’s right, heritage grain grown in the
loamy soil of Hadley where the soil gets a good soak in a crook of
the Connecticut River. Combining this corn, grown in the Valley, 

dried in the Valley and milled in the Valley with area yogurt, the most 
local of eggs, Cabot butter from Vermont and flour from folks named
L’Etoile at Four Start Farm in Northfield represents all that is great 

about eating where you live.

The fact that my first batch of the Pioneer Woman recipe shaped itself
into the symbol for a fallout shelter may not be purely coincidence. 

The taste of this crispy edged bread in a skillet is the best thing you can 
eat in times of peace or emergency. if Hillary doesn’t get better (as of
this writing, she has phenomena) a fallout shelter might be in our future. 
Stock up.

Here is Pioneer Woman’s recipe for cornbread. Note the inclusion of
baking soda with the wet ingredients rather than the dry. I modified
this this recipe substituting 1/2 C of yogurt for 1 C buttermilk. In
addition, I substituted butter for shortening. Sorry Pioneer Woman!
Larder’s vary depending on what food is local and 

the proclivity of the cook.

RECIPE: Fallout Shelter Cornbread 


1 C cornmeal (NextBarnOver, Hadley MA)

1/2 C flour (Four Star Farms, Northfield MA)

Pinch salt

1T baking powder

1 C milk (Your favorite local brand)

1/2 C yogurt (Side Hill Farm, Hawley MA)

1 egg (your favorite hen(s)

1/2 t baking soda

1/4 cup butter (Cabot creamery, VT)

2 T butter


Preheat oven to 400

Mix dry ingredients

Mix wet ingredients

Heat butter 1/4 C butter in skillet on top of stove

When cooled, add 1/4 C butter to wet ingredients

Mix wet and dry ingredients together

Heat 2 T butter in skillet on top of stove until bubbling

Add batter and leave on burner for one minute

Place skillet in oven

Bake for 25 minutes

Remove when golden brown on sides and firm in center. Enjoy and eat
soon. You never know what tomorrow will bring.