Wednesday, August 15, 2018

"Cabbage!" the Wedge Salad

Beach Road Bar in Vineyard Haven / Boat House on Chappy

“Cabbage!” the Wedge Salad is headlining at a little boite on the bay here. At Beach Road in Vineyard Haven a sweet little island cabbage is turning the standard wedge salad on its head.

Sliced and seared on the grill to a crispy finish, the cabbage wedge replaces old watery iceberg lettuce and then gets Asian with it. Dashi, a buttery miso sauce of bonito and dried kelp stands in for blue cheese dressing and this cabbage head from a good family farm is finished with pickled mushrooms.   

Try making Cabbage!” the Wedge Salad at home. Pick up a  local head of cabbage in a patch near you. If you miss the bacon bits and blue cheese dressing, the crispy wedge of cabbage can take it. 

Cabbage can be grown in spring, summer and fall. Winter farm shares offer it wrapped in news paper until February for cold storage distribution. Cabbage is planted in fall is wintered over for spring eating. 

For those who plan to grow their own cabbage this fall, Rodale's Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening warns against too much fertilizer. 

"When over-wintering cabbage, if growth is too lush, it may not survive frost." 

My warning has to do with slicing the cabbage. Keep the wedges in "Cabbage! the Wedge Salad," together for searing and serving with a bit of core by cutting the head of cabbage in half from top to core. Then divide into two or three wedges depending on the size of the cabbage.